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Sheer Descent

Overall Rating:
Create stunning water blades with Sheer Falls Clear Water Descent stainless steel waterfall weirs. Ideal for more formal installations. Provides increased aeration and fantastic water sound.
Available in five sizes with either an 11", 23", 35", 46" or 58" weir opening
Rear entry port(s)
Stainless steel
Top quality, heavy-duty construction
Fantastic water sound
Good for pond aeration
Can be used indoors or out
Add an LED light strip for a spectacular effect
Sheer Descent

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Michael Mason (Hobbyist) on Monday 18 April, 2011
Product Rating:
Very high quality unit. I was looking for something that would last a long time and won't be too expensive. These were cheaper then other SS waterfalls, but are very well built.

Poncho (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 17 November, 2010
Product Rating:
I wanted a formal looking pond and this really completed the look. The stainless really looks sharp and gives a crisp looking waterfall.

Sara (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 12 October, 2010
Product Rating:
We put this in because we didn't want a plastic waterfall that will warp and leak over the years. Be careful though, it really needs to be perfectly level or the waterfall looks funny. We found that out the hard way. But once it was level it gives a perfect cascade of water. And because its metal the algae just hoses right off which is really nice.

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