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There are many manufacturers of koi food in the industry.  Above we have gathered together all the major brands of koi food for your review.  Please specify the amount you feed and try your best to describe the results you have seen using the food.

Koi Food

What you feed your koi will effect every aspect of your pond.  Some koi foods produce less waste and in turn allow better water quality to be achieved.  Other koi foods are easier to digest  which makes them a better choice in cooler water. 

When feeding the koi, it is best to give them several smaller meals during the day, rather then one large meal.  They will be healthier and happier if fed in this manner.  Some people will even give the koi an "on demand" feeder so the koi can have access to food all day and night.  Keep in mind, the more you feed your koi the more they will grow, but also the waste the filters will have to deal with.  If your koi produce more waste then the filters can handle you will run into serious water quality issues.  For more information on feeding your koi, please read this article on koi food

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