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In this section you will find all of the styles and types of koi pond filter media available.  Many times media is bought individually and built into a DIY filter system.  Other times it is used within a manufactured filter.  When giving your review of these items, please let the readers know what type of application you used the media in.

Filter Media

Every underwater surface in the koi pond will grow a naturally occurring bacteria that will convert the ammonia produced by the koi into nitrites and then into nitrates.  The purpose of a biofilter is to do nothing more then provide a place to put lots of surface area.   Many types of filter media are designed specifically with surface area in mind and they try to provide you with the most square feet of surface in every cubic foot. 

Other types of media are not designed for biological filtration at all.  Rather they are meant for mechanical filtration.  The purpose of mechanical filtration is to prevent sludge and debris from clogging up the biofilter and choking out all your good bacteria.  The best filtration systems have both mechanical and biological filtration.  Please visit this article for more information on biological filtration in koi ponds.

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