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PondCare Spring and Autum

Specially formulated for feeding koi & goldfish in spring & autumn water conditions. When koi & goldfish are fed a high-protein diet in water temperatures below 70ºF, they can only digest a limited amount of protein. The remaining protein is excreted as toxic ammonia, decreasing water quality.

  • For feeding fish when the water is cool, between 42ºF & 70ºF
  • Reduces pollution & ammonia produced by fish waste
  • Contains a stabilized vitamin C & a complement of important vitamins & minerals to help maintain the immune system of pond fish
  • Contains spirulina algae, chitin & caroteen to develop vibrant fish color
  • Formulated with a unique blend of amino acids & minerals to help supplement the dietary requirements of koi & goldfish in cool water

Pond fish have unique nutritional requirements that cannot be satisfied by feeding one type of food for the entire year. The dietary needs of fish vary with their metabolic activity, which in turn is dependent on seasonal behavior and water temperature. Therefore, optimal fish health, coloration and growth cannot be achieved with a single food. Pond Care® Spring & Autumn Pond Food and Summer Staple Pond Food both are uniquely formulated to harmonize with the seasonal dietary requirements of koi and other pond fish.

PondCare Spring and Autum

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