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Pond Star

Overall Rating:
Quality pond fish food with two size pellets in the same bag!                 

Pond Star is a high quality, low cost, two size pellet food formulated by a Veterinarian and Doctor of Aqua-Culture nutrition. Pond Star offers two size pellets in the same bag, 2.6 mm for your small size pond fish and 5 mm for your large size pond fish. 

10 pound Bag
Pond Star

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Sara (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 12 October, 2010
Product Rating:
I got this because it was cheap and for the money I am very happy. The koi really seem to like it and I did not notice an increase in fish poo over using my other premium brands that i normally get. I think I will stick with this for awhile and see how it goes.

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