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GC Tek Media Agitator

What it does is allow you to inject over 100 cu. ft. per minute (1.5 HP) of air below the media or sand prior to backwash. As the air travels upward through the media, whether it is sand, beads or some other floating media it is broken apart by the violent action going on in the filter.

After running the agitator for a minute or two the media will be broken up nicely and all that is needed now is a good backwashing. This is easily accomplished since the blower has broken up all the debris in the filter and now the pump only has to wash the debris out.

This saves water because the Agitator is doing all of the work for you. No need to let the pump run for extended times any longer during backwash, it's just not needed.

GC Tek Media Agitator

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