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Pond PhosGuard

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Pond PhosGuard™ is a filtration product that promotes algae control for ponds. It is a porous adsorbent that removes phosphates, silicates, and other nutrients that support algae growth. It does not harm aquatic plants. It does not release anything into the water, but instead works by starving algae rather than poisoning it. A 2 Liter size treats over 600 gallons.

Water Garden Oasis Pond PhosGuard™ from Seachem

Pond PhosGuard

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Overall Rating:

Koi Builder (Installer) on Tuesday 18 January, 2011
Product Rating:
If you have algae problems, test for phosphates. If you have phosphates this is the product for you. It very quickly removes phosphates from the pond. I have used it on several ponds with endless phosphate and algae problems and within 2 weeks the algae all died off.

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