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EcoStream Pumps

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Ecostream Pumps are quality external pumps (out of water) which offer superior energy efficiency compared to comparable pumps on the market. Basket strainers adapters and 8' power cord included. Enclosed motors. Covered by manufacturer's 2-year warranty.

Note: Model XT4000LH is specifically designed for low-head applications, while all other EcoStream Pump models are ideal for either low-head or medium-head applications.

Model Max Flow
GPH @ 4ft GPH @ 20ft Watts
XT4000LH 4000 3600 NA 166
XT3200 3200 3180 1150 215
XT4400 4400 4140 1000 253
XT5000 5000 4740 1550 293
XT6000 6000 5700 2350 344
XT7000 7000 6540 2640 452
XT8000 8000 7440 2880 541
EcoStream Pumps

Product Reviews

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Armin Yassif (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 11 January, 2011
Product Rating:
I bought this as a back up pump because the price was right. It sat in a box for a year and then my main pump went out. This was a smaller size motor but the flow rate seemed almost exactly the same so i was impressed with that. My utility bill went down by about $20 a month as well. It was not as quiet but still a decent little pump.

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