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Dolphin Pumps

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Dolphin Pumps are one of the most energy efficient pumps on the market today. These high quality units offer whisper quiet operation, cool operation, and years of reliable use. Amp Master Pumps are an excellent choice for use in Koi ponds, water gardens and aquarium applications. High head, low current draw. Premium efficiency side discharge 1.5-inch pumps are available with your choice of freshwater seals, clean filtered marine seals, or marine/reef abrasive water seals to suit your specific application. Covered by two year manufacturer's warranty plus 10 years extended factory service guarantee. Motor pad and 1.5-inch new split ring super seal unions included. Dolphin Pumps

Product Reviews

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Michelle (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 24 January, 2012
Product Rating:
This pumped saved my sanity, my beautiful koi, and my electric bill. I can not recommend any other pump as the Dolphin Line is superior to anything in it's category. They also have amazing chemical products. So happy I chanced upon this company!!!

Michael Mason (Hobbyist) on Monday 18 April, 2011
Product Rating:
I have been very happy with this pump. Very quiet and low watts. Handles 4 to 5 feet of head without a problem, but I haven't tried it higher then that. Very reasonably priced as well.

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