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Crystal Clear Premium Koi Food

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CrystalClear® Premium Koi & Goldfish Foods are designed for year-round feeding to produce maximum fish growth and color enhancement. CrystalClear® Premium Koi & Goldfish Foods are the result of years of laboratory testing and extensive field research with top breeders. CrystalClear® Koi & Goldfish Foods are packed with high quality vitamins and minerals to produce color, growth and vitality in koi and goldfish. Crystal Clear Premium Koi Food

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Zachary Jones (Retail Dealer) on Friday 11 May, 2012
Product Rating:
A Very Decent food For the money. It provides good Growth and decent Color.

Frank Stephen (Retail Dealer) on Monday 29 November, 2010
Product Rating:
about 30-40% less expensive then most premium brands and about double the cost of most bargain brands. For the money I don't think you get the nutrition you should. If you are trying to save money over some of the premium brands there are better options on the market. They claim high vitamin content, however vitamins are added before cooking the food, so the end result is very ineffective.

Disclaimer: I own and operate my my own retail store front. I am not an advertiser on this site. I sell most of the items I am reviewing, however I have left my business name out of the reviews.

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