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CalPump Waterfalls

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Enjoy the sound and beauty of a waterfall in your pond by installing the Cal Pump Preformed Pond Spillway. This spillway will not only form an eye-appealing accent; it will also offer the benefits of proper aeration to your pond.

A healthy pond requires well-aerated water to maintain its overall vitality. Simply attach the pump return line to the spillway box using the included fittings, partially bury the spillway box where you would like the waterfall, and disguise the box with rocks and vegetation to fashion a truly natural looking waterfall. Water will gradually fill the spillway box and run through the included polishing mat to filter out any debris that might impede the flow over the spillway edge.

The Cal Pump Preformed Pond Spillway is the easiest way to create a dramatic waterfall effect in your pond.

The Spillways are available in three different sizes (10", 14", and 18"). All of the Spillways include filter media to condition the water for a smooth waterfall effect.

CalPump Waterfalls

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Steve Hill (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 03 November, 2010
Product Rating:
It is made of a flimsy plastic that bows out when filled with water. But if it is partially buried then it will hold up just fine. Pretty easy to hook up using the fittings they supply.

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