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Typhoon Air Pumps

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Atlantic's NEW Typhoon indoor/outdoor, continuous duty diaphragm compressor is ideal for aeration in the summer months and winter time de-icing.

Unlike floating de-icers that often fail in extreme temperatures and heavy snowfalls, the TA2200 will maintain a hole in the ice in the harshest conditions. Best of all; this energy efficient compressor draws only 25 watts of power!
Typhoon Air Pumps

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Michael Mason (Hobbyist) on Monday 18 April, 2011
Product Rating:
This air pump has been reliable, but its not all that great for deep water situations. Just doesn't seem to have the power to really get a lot of air below 5 feet of depth. But I use it in my fluid bed filter and it keeps up just fine.

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Typhoon Air Pumps

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