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Cal Pump Skimmers

Keep your pond's surface free from debris and organic material using the Cal Pump Accessory Pond Skimmer. As leaves and organic material decay and sink, they consume oxygen and give off toxic gases that will typically escape into the atmosphere harmlessly. A skimmer unit will collect debris and organic material before it ever has a chance to decay and sink.

Place your skimmer unit downwind and opposite a waterfall, stream, or current to ensure that it is efficient and effective. Secure the unit on the pond edge quickly and easily with the included hanger strap where the water level is approximately 1.5" from the top of the skimmer filter weir. Attach your pond pump using the included 1" or 1.5" fitting and begin clearing organic matter from your pond's surface. This amazing unit will operate in any new or existing pond in as little as 12" of water. Its compact size will make it easy to conceal in the most modest of ponds or water gardens. Lift the lid and remove the skimmer basket by the handle for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Cal Pump Large Skimmer
Cal Pump Large Skimmer
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Cal Pump Small Skimmer
Cal Pump Small Skimmer
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