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 Nutritionally complete diets for koi and goldfish. These high quality diets have marine proteins to increase palatability, digestibility, and reduces waste. These nutrient dense pellets contain stable vitamin C and brewers yeast for healthy gill, fin, and tissue development. Koi Fancier is a 4 mm pellet formulated for color enhancing, Koi Grower is a 3 mm pellet formulated for promoting both color and maximum growth of smaller fish. Pond Fancier is a 6 mm pellet for an overall nutrient dense diet for all pond fish and is the choice diet fro koi during colder weather. All sizes are nitrogen-flushed to preserve freshness. Zeigler

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Lucy Chin (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 23 March, 2011
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I have fed this to my koi many times. I usually feed EA food, but this is also one of my favorites. Good nutrition and not terribly expensive.

Cat Jenkins (Koi Health Professional) on Tuesday 02 November, 2010
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This food is a true sleeper. Its one of the best foods out there and nobody has ever heard of it and nobody sells it. I am surprised to even see it listed here because its so hard to find. But its a great food!

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