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Wunder Flo Pump

Overall Rating:

Unitized volute and basket together = no leaks between volute and basket


2" inlet/outlets standard with 2.5" inlet/outlets optional


No expense was spared to bring a long lasting motor on board with this pump. It is a Baldor motor. 

Built to last. Baldor motors are famous for running for many, many years trouble free. Most pumps are built with the cheapest motors that can be bought, not so here.


Take a look at the GIANT basket strainer on this pump. It stands over 12" tall. Bigger basket = fewer trips to empty the basket.


Comes complete with pump unions and 6 ft. cord attached

Wunder Flo Pump

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Lucy Chin (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 23 March, 2011
Product Rating:
This is powering my GC Tek filter and pulling from two 4" bottom drains. Its been a great pump, very quiet and costs around $35 a month to operate, not bad really when compared to other pumps this size.

Alex Ramirez (Installer) on Monday 01 November, 2010
Product Rating:
Very good high flow pump. These came with a pre-designed system I installed for a customer. The entire system came on a pallet and had the pumps with it. I was impressed with the flow and energy usage.

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