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Shinju Koi Food

Overall Rating:
Shinju Koi Food is a year-round balanced formula based on Mamoru Kodama's 30 plus years of experience raising Koi. Shinju Koi Food is also used and recommended by many highly regarded breeders in Niigata, the cradle of Nishikigoi, Japan. The ingredients in Shinju Koi Food are strictly examined and selected to aid in better digestion, blossoming of good health, and vitality of your Koi. Shinju Koi Food is easily digestible and developed to float, which minimizes any loss. This also helps to maintain good clean water and promotes healthy Koi.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min)......... 38%
Crude Fat (min)................... 3%
Crude Fiber (max)............... 3%
Crude Ash (max)................11%
Phosphorus (min)................1%
Calcium (min).......................1%
Shinju Koi Food

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Wes Boone (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 15 June, 2011
Product Rating:
Great food by Kodama! Premium ingredients and the koi love it. Very low waste and excellent color and growth. Also it's less expensive then many other premium foods.

Susan Peterson (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 10 May, 2011
Product Rating:
I got a bag of this because I ordered some koi from Kodama and they were having a special on it. I was very impressed with it and will probably order more. Its a good fresh food with great ingredients and good digestion with the koi...meaning very low waste. It says its year round, but in my area the koi stop eating it around 55 degrees or so.

Fernando M (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 29 March, 2011
Product Rating:
Very high quality food. Been feeding it for about a year now and the koi have developed nicely with thick tails and bright colors. Very little waste in pond which is always nice.

Koi Builder (Installer) on Tuesday 18 January, 2011
Product Rating:
The key to any koi food is digestibility. High digestibility will ensure good water quality and development. Shinju is one of the most digestible foods available and it a premium formula so the koi really get a lot with every bite.

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