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Sequel 750 Kohaku Pump

Overall Rating:
Pump Type: External Pump
Maximum Flow Rate: 4,100 GPH (gallons per hour)
Maximum Head: 14 Ft.
Energy Consumption:Maximum 180 watts, 115 volts (can be rewired to 230v)
Cord Length:8 feet
Inlet: Inlet is 2" FPT (female pipe thread)
Outlet: Outlet is 1-1/2" FPT.
Measurements: Coming soon
Sequel 750 Kohaku Pump

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Dale Masters (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 19 October, 2010
Product Rating:
This is a dynamite pump. I couldn't belive the watts it used for the flow. Its the best I found. i verified with a watt meter and it was actually 175, not 180. I was very impressed. Most other pumps in this flow range are well over 250 watts. If you are looking for a very efficient pump, this is the one to use. Its more expensive, but you really save in the long run.

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Sequel 750 Kohaku Pump
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