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Pondmaster Mag-Drive model 50

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The Pondmaster Magnetic-Drive utility pump is a magnetically-driven, submersible pump. This unique energy-efficient design uses only one moving part - a ceramic/magnetic impeller.

The Pondmaster Magnetic-Drive Pump series was specifically designed as a circulating pump for fresh and saltwater aquariums and ponds

Only one moving part means that there aren't any seals to wear out. Approved for indoor and outdoor use.

These efficient pumps can also be used for:

Fountains & Ponds
Fish Tanks
Flooded Rooms
Sump Pump
Limited 3-year Manufacturer Warranty!
Pondmaster Mag-Drive model 50

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Dale Masters (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 19 October, 2010
Product Rating:
This little pump did a very nice job for me. I took away one star because it clogged to easily, but it still didn't die even when it ran dry from being clogged. So i went out of town for a couple weeks and my neighbor was supposed to check the pond and I guess never did. Came back to the pump running dry because it was clogged, must have been that way for days because the water was green. But I cleaned it off and it ran like nothing ever happened.

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Pondmaster Mag-Drive model 50
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