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Laguna Pond Netting

Overall Rating:

Protects ponds from predators, leaves & debris. Reduces maintenance tasks. Easy to install.

Available in three sizes:

  1. 7ft. x 10ft. Size
  2. 14ft. x 20ft. Size
  3. 28t. x 30ft. Size

Mesh Size is 3/8" x 3/8" Square Openings "Extra small". Lightweight Design, Includes fastening pegs. Green in color

Laguna Pond Netting

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Darrell Goeken (Hobbyist) on Saturday 24 January, 2009
Product Rating:
I just recently got one of these for my pond and am very pleased with it. These nets are well made and should hold up very well for many pond seasons, and are well worth the price. They even include stakes with mine. Much better than the old bird/Deer netting.

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