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Galaxy Air Blower

Overall Rating:

Galaxy Air Blower used to clean the filtration.

  • Versatility for top or side mount discharge
  • Tapered slip fittings
  • Acoustical anti-vibration motor mounts to ensure quiet operation
  • Super high impact strength, particularly at low temperatures
  • Non-breathable noryl plastic
  • Thermally protected motors
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
Galaxy Air Blower

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

William Bettering (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 13 October, 2010
Product Rating:
I don't have this brand of blower, I just picked mine up at a spa supply. All bead filters need a good blower to really get them clean.

Joe Sun (Hobbyist) on Sunday 14 December, 2008
Product Rating:
Decent price blower helps clean my filter. I would still say that the price isnt too cheap for a blower.

Daniel (Hobbyist) on Sunday 31 August, 2008
Product Rating:
Great blower that gets the job done efficiently without any hassle. Has the chance of over heating if you run to long, just make sure to run it about 15 seconds at a time. I've actually had water get into it before, after I let it dry out it went back to working perfectly.Very durable and not to pricy.

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Galaxy Air Blower
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