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PolyFlo Filter Mat

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The 2" material is used exclusively in virtually all US manufactured pond skimmers and waterfall units. The open character of this filter media allows for high volumes of water to pass through without clogging while providing optimal surface area to facilitate bacterial colonization. PolyFlo Filter Mat

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Frank Stephen (Retail Dealer) on Monday 29 November, 2010
Product Rating:
Low grade material, but effective while it lasts. Good mechanical filtration, however it clogs easily and need to be frequently rinsed, adding to its wear. I do not sell this media but it comes standard in most of the water falls and skimmers I sell. Usually within a year customers will come in and replace it with matala which is a far superior pad.

Disclaimer: I own and operate my my own retail store front. I am not an advertiser on this site. I sell most of the items I am reviewing, however I have left my business name out of the reviews.

Steve Hill (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 02 November, 2010
Product Rating:
I think this is the filter pad that came with my skimmer. It fell apart after a year and i replaced it with matala which has worked much better for me.

Alex Ramirez (Installer) on Wednesday 27 October, 2010
Product Rating:
works good as mechanical filter media, but plan on replacing annually as it falls apart if cleaned frequently. I have dealt with this stuff a lot because it comes with most skimmer filters on the market. Its cheap and works for awhile, so if you are ona tight budget the go with it for now, otherwise spend the money and get some matala of Jap mats.

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