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Oase Bitron 55C - 110C

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The Bitron UVC  clarifier is developed for garden ponds, keeping them clean and clarifying the water in ponds its through its developed technology. Bitron UVC devices can be connected to the Boitec filters and they are available in six variant.

Note that the light tubes have to be changed after 10,000 functioning hours, as this may guarantee a full strength capacity of the UVC lights.

Oase Bitron 55C - 110C

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Overall Rating:

William Bettering (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 13 October, 2010
Product Rating:
I can't complain about this UV. Its housing is kind of a cheap plastic, but it has held up well and doesn't leak. keeps the water on my small pond nice and clear. The first bulb died in about 3 months, but the replacement bulb lasted over a year, so i think the first one was just a dud or something.

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Oase Bitron 55C - 110C
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