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Little Giant Skimmers

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Little Giant’s WaterMark™ skimmers and biological waterfall filters are engineered to make it easier for water garden and Koi pond enthusiasts to maintain balanced ecosystems.

WaterMark biological waterfall filters feature patent-pending BioVort™ technology for less maintenance and superior filtration—unmatched by any other filter. WaterMark skimmers provide an ideal solution to improve surface cleaning on an existing or new pond.

Little Giant Skimmers

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Koi Builder (Installer) on Tuesday 18 January, 2011
Product Rating:
One of the few skimmers that actually does give you some bio filtration and is not just a skimmer.

Jessy McFaddon (Hobbyist) on Monday 01 November, 2010
Product Rating:
This has been a very good skimmer for me. I had to remove the grate/weir on the front because it clogged all the time. My fish were big enough to stay out anyway. But it installed very easily and was really made tough and thick. I get a lot of leaves and this handles the high flow of my pump and never clogs except when I have heavy leaves in the fall.

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Little Giant Skimmers

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