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Laguna Air Kit

Overall Rating:
Laguna Aeration Kit
Affordable pond aeration kit enhances oxygen levels all year long
Maintains an ice-free opening during winter for proper gas exchange
Styrofoam float positions air stone at midwater for maximum aeration
Budget-friendly aeration kit enhances pond oxygen levels all year long. Provide vital oxygen during warm summer months to ensure fish health and efficient biological filtration. Also great during freezing winters to maintain an ice-free opening for proper gas exchange. Styrofoam float positions the air stone at midwater to maximize oxygenation without disturbing the bottom of the pond. Powerful rheostat controlled OPTIMA air pump for adjustable air output.

Includes: Aeration Pump, 30 ft of winter-safe airline tubing, air diffuser, and high-density Styrofoam float.

Laguna Air Kit

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Jillian (Hobbyist) on Monday 07 October, 2013
Product Rating:
tiny little pump, it is of no use in my large pond but it does work for my quarantine tank that is only 200 gallons. But as a permanent air pump for a large pond, you will need to get a much bigger unit. Also, it doesn't have any air at all any deeper then about 4 feet.

Frank Stephen (Retail Dealer) on Monday 29 November, 2010
Product Rating:
I found these to be a bit undersized and noisy. I no longer stock these.

Disclaimer: I own and operate my my own retail store front. I am not an advertiser on this site. I sell most of the items I am reviewing, however I have left my business name out of the reviews.

Bill Stevens (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 08 September, 2010
Product Rating:
Very happy with this little pump. Plenty of air and its been very reliable. Good pump for the money too.

Jim Bell (Hobbyist) on Thursday 22 April, 2010
Product Rating:
This air filter worked great all Winter long in Upstate NY near Rochester. Thats saying something.

mike krautzel (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 07 January, 2009
Product Rating:
I used this product when I first got started. It was nice as first air pump, but as my ponds grew, so did my need for more power. Very cost efficent.

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Laguna Air Kit

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