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Koi Chow Koi Food

Overall Rating:
Koi Chow Koi Food is a premium quality Koi food at an affordable price. Specifically blended to help ensure optimal growth, color, and Koi health.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein...not less than....40%
Crude Fat...not less than 4.50%
Crude Fiber...not more than 3.5%
Ash...not more than...8.90%
Koi Chow Koi Food

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Susan Peterson (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 10 May, 2011
Product Rating:
Probably the best food for the money out there. Very low cost yet as good as most premium brands.

Jason Gibbs (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 19 January, 2011
Product Rating:
Been feeding this for over a year now. I have a very crowded pond and this seems to keep the water cleaner then the tetra sticks I was using. So far good growth and nobody has lost their color.

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