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GreenFin Full Life Koi Diet

Overall Rating:
   Premier Quality Natural Ingredient Diet for All Pond Fish
· Full and Complete Nutrition in Each Bite So Fish Produce Less Waste 
· Added Vitamins and Minerals with Stabilized Vitamin C
· Nutrient Dense Diet So Fish Eat Less for Health Accelerated Gain
· No Added Artificial Colors or Preservatives
· Provides Optimal Nutrition for Koi
· Floating Pond Pellets (3.5 mm) Made in the USA
· Made with High Grade Agricultural Ingredients and Surpluses
GreenFin Full Life Koi Diet

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Cat Jenkins (Koi Health Professional) on Tuesday 02 November, 2010
Product Rating:
This is another one of those great foods that you almost never hear anything about. I have many of my clients feeding their koi with this because of my suggestions and they love it. low waste, good ingredients and at a reasonable price.

Rick Langbecker (Hobbyist) on Saturday 02 May, 2009
Product Rating:
We have over 30 koi, shibunkins, ryukins and fancy goldfish. We used to use Tetra Pond flakes and we had to clean the pond filters several times a month to keep the pond water clear. Since we switched to Green Fin, the water clarity is amazing with 1/4 the maintenance as there is no food waste sinking to to bottom uneaten. Our fish our growing faster than before, are more energetic, and now come right up to the feeding spot to actually eat Green Fin right of our hands.

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GreenFin Full Life Koi Diet
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