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EasyPro Linear Piston Compressors

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These EasyPro linear piston compressors are quiet, energy efficient, weatherproof and durable.  So durable in fact that they have a 3 yr. warranty!  These compressors utilize a small piston instead of a diaphragm (like above models) to pump air.  Like the diaphragm models above, these units operate on electromagnetic oscillation which eliminates sliding parts thereby maximizing energy efficiency and extended motor life.  It is not at all uncommon for these motors to operate continuously for 7 to 9 years!

UL listed for outdoor use - ideal for pond aeration.

EasyPro Linear Piston Compressors

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Rob Yovhassen (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 06 October, 2010
Product Rating:
I like my easypro pump. Its really very quiet and gives me plenty of air. So far it has worked perfectly and had no problems. What more can you ask from an air pump?

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EasyPro Linear Piston Compressors

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