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Cal Pump UV

Overall Rating:
Introducing a U.V. Clarifier to your system will give you the best possible water clarity. As algae passes through the unit, the U.V. light bleaches chlorophyll from the plant. The chlorophyll then sticks together and lodges into the biological filter to decompose; turning into nutrients consumed by beneficial bacteria that render the nutrients harmless to pond life.
    Features & Benefits:
  • One year fixture warranty
  • Unique, proprietary new bulb design
  • New space saving design
  • Stops green water
  • Magnetic Ballast
  • 18' of cord on all models
  • Installs in-line as a stand alone fixture (Cannot be Submerged)
  • Multi-purpose & versatile, can be added to any new or existing system
  • UL listed for consumer cofidence
Cal Pump UV

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Fernando M (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 29 March, 2011
Product Rating:
When my tetra started leaking I bought this. Its been working fine but I still get a slight tint of green water in the spring. Usually I just change the bulb and it clears right up. 3 stars because bulbs only last about 6-8 months.

William Bettering (Hobbyist) on Thursday 07 October, 2010
Product Rating:
Wasn't happy with this UV. It leaked and didn't help clear my water. The retailer who sold it to me went out of business so I couldn't return it.

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