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Boyu Air Pump S-2000

Overall Rating:

High quality air pumps for aquariums and ponds. The pump operates without oil, low noise, and very economical in purchase as well as in operation.

Adjusts the needed energy electronically for higher efficiency and lower power consumption. 1 year guarantee on electrical parts (not on membranes).

Boyu Air Pump S-2000 8ltr/min  8watt

Boyu Air Pump S-2000

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Poncho (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 17 November, 2010
Product Rating:
This was waaaay too small for my pond. It really struggled and could not get much air down to my bottom drain. It was noisy too. Might be okay for a small pond that isn't very deep, but for me it didn't do the job.

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Boyu Air Pump S-2000

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