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Beni Koi Food

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Beni Koi Food was developed after 5 full years of R&D to formulate a food that helps to bring out the true potential of Koi. Made in the USA, Beni Koi Food contains one of the purest forms of spirulina found in the world -- from the islands of Hawaii. Spirulina is known for its protein benefit as well as a color stimulant. Keep your reds red, and your whites white, not yellow. Top quality, pure ingredients are the start of the food base along with an emphasis on freshness. Beni contains ingredients for immune system stimulation, anti-oxidants, montmorillonite clay milled in the food, and a 10% spirulina content which is found in many top quality koi foods. Beni Koi Food is available in 2.2 lb foil zip bags and 40lb bags. If you have a pond full of hungry mouths and you don’t want to break the bank, try Beni this spring and see the difference!

Guaranteed Analysis
* Crude Protein Min. 35%
* Crude Fat Min. 7%
* Crude Fiber Max. 5%
* Ash Max. 9%
* Moisture Max. 10%
* Sodium Max. 2%
Beni Koi Food

Product Reviews

Overall Rating:

Stephen J. (Hobbyist) on Wednesday 30 March, 2011
Product Rating:
I have been very please with the beni koi food over the past couple years. I am trying a new food, Holistic choice, but I still have always liked this food...great development, low waste and a fair price.

Armin Yassif (Hobbyist) on Tuesday 11 January, 2011
Product Rating:
This is a truly amazing food! I have used some great foods like the EA show and Dainichi premium and this is right up there with them. Great digestion, color development, growth and over all health,

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